Final details for tonight

Everything you need to know for Dunoon Full Moon Sportive.
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This time on Sunday you will no doubt all be happily tucked up in bed after a tiring, but fun, night spent chasing the Sun around The Cowal.

Sorry I have not been in touch so much this year, but everything is ticking over almost exactly as last year. Here’s the final update for what’s happening.

The Basics

Start HQ from 9pm – 10.30pm

GHK Sports Club, Anniesland Cross, Crow Road, Glasgow. G13 1LP

Finish HQ from 5am – 7am

Seasons Coffee House, 9 Alexandra Parade, Dunoon PA23 8AB

Boat Departs 7.00am

Dunoon Breakwater, Esplanade, Dunoon PA23 7NE

Boat Returns to (ETA 10am)

Riverside Museum, 100 Pointhouse Rd, Glasgow G3 8RS

Car parking

Car parking is available at GHK and Riverside Museum.

aa1de055-495a-4cba-b9e3-06475be54bc4As with last year, at the finish we will provide you with some gorgeous rolls and sausage at Seasons Coffee House. The finish and bag drop van will be located right next door.


This year due to staff holidays we sadly do not have the early morning use of the Riverside Leisure Centre for showers. Thankfully the weather forecast is much nicer than last year’s. If you want a bath then the beach next to the old pier is perfect 😉

Seasons have one shower we can use. If you wish a QUICK shower please bring a £2 donation to the church. Please be considerate to other riders and be as quick as possible.

Registration, Light Check and Sign On


Registration will open at 9pm, first riders will be allowed to start at 9.45pm. Last riders at 10.30pm

Riders will be allowed to start every 3 minutes in groups no larger than 20.

Only 109 mile riders will be allowed to start in the first few groups of riders. 77mile and 89mile riders will be allowed to leave after 10pm

Unlike urban night-time cycling you need to not only be seen, but your lights also need to help you see. Prior to the event please go for one or two rural night rides to get yourself used to riding in the pitch black.
All riders must have two working, fully charged, lights at both front and rear. We advise having new batteries and carrying spares with you
For those attempting the 109 or 89mile routes you’re front lights must both be 500 lumens each or more, this is because the longer routes have several fast descents.

For those of you who have USB charged batteries please make sure you have a spare fully charged set for use during the later stages of the ride.

Bag Drop Van

At GHK we will have a van to take your kit bag with spare clothes, trainers, towel etc to Dunoon for you. Along with your bike and helmet numbers you will be given a luggage tag and sticky number at registration for your bag. This can be collected at Dunoon from 5.00am.

We recommend all riders pack a lightweight chain to secure your bike to railings whilst in cafe.

If you are getting the boat back to Glasgow we also recommend packing a nice warm jacket and some sandwiches.

MIDGES at Arrochar and Strachur

Light winds are predicted for the ride. Smear yourself in Avon Skin So Soft / Deet / Urine. Wear leggings. Don’t stop outside, get inside and order a coffee!

Breakfast & Dunoon stuff

From 5am at Seasons Coffee House under Dunoon Baptist Church you will all get a FREE burger, bacon roll, or roll and square. You will have to buy your own coffees, soft drinks etc…

No other shops, cafes, public toilets or petrol stations will be open in Dunoon at that time of the morning. All boat return riders are advised to either get full breakfast in Seasons Cafe or bring your own. It’s a 2hr 45min journey back up the Clyde.

Boat Return

The Clyde Clipper will dock at Dunoon Pier Breakwater at 6.50am.

Boarding will begin immediately and we must set sail by 7.15am to allow the scheduled passenger ferry to dock.

Your bikes will be travelling with you on the boat. There is plenty of space.

The boat will serve teas, coffees and confectionary. The PA system will be playing classic Cafe Del Mar tunes and we will have complimentary beers for those enjoying the voyage. Bring sandwiches!

Pacing yourself, timings and cut offs
The cooncil are very concerned that middle aged lycra wearing athletes might create an unruly disturbance in Dunoon.

We do not get access to the cafe until 5.00am, so please pace your ride accordingly and do not arrive in Dunoon much before this time. This is particularly important for the 77 mile riders. There is nothing to do anyway and nowhere to go since all the shops etc will be shut. Dunoon doesn’t even have a 24hr petrol station!!!

It would be easy to blast round the route in under 4 hours. Please DON’T! If doing the 77mile route please take your time and enjoy the unique nature of this ride. Enjoy the entertainment at our pub based feed stops in Helensburgh and Arrochar. Give your legs a rest before you have to grind up the Rest &B Thankful.

Ideal Schedule for 77 mile route

10pm – Start

11.30pm – Helensburgh Feed Stop – stop for 20mins and enjoy pub entertainment.

12.55pm – Arrochar Feed Stop – Stop for 30 mins and enjoy pub entertainment.

2.00am – Top of RABT Feed Stop – Stop for 30 mins and enjoy the serenity… and the midges!

3am – Strachur – Feed Stop

4.45am – Arrive Dunoon

Remember after you leave Helensburgh there will be no more shops for the rest of the ride.


No rider is allowed onto the 77mile route past Strachur BEFORE 3am

No rider is allowed onto the 109mile route past Strachur AFTER 2am

No rider is allowed onto the 89mile route AFTER 3.30am

All riders have finished by 6.45am or they will not get a time or the boat.

Feed Stops

Clyde Bar, Helensburgh – Toilets, gels, bananas, chocs, sweeties, water, powdered drinks.

Village Inn – Arrochar – Toilets, gels, bananas,chocs, sweeties, water, powdered drinks. Pub is open until 2am and will keep barista machine (to purchase) running until last riders leave.

Rest And Be Thankful – Gels, bananas, water, chocs, sweeties, water & powdered drinks. (also hopefully and urn for tea and coffee)

From RABT onwards please be considerate and as quiet as possible at stops. The hotel owners are doing us a massive favour by allowing us to use their toilets in the middle of the night, whilst they have paying guests SLEEPING. Remember cleats can be noisy!!!

2015-06-25 14.29.59
Creggans Inn, Strachur. Toilet and water stop.
Creggans Inn, Strachur – Toilets, gels, bananas, water, powdered drinks, barista coffee (to purchase).

Kilfinan Village Hall (109 mile only) – Toilets, gels, bananas, water, powdered drinks. Free tea and coffee.

Tighnabruich Public Toilets (109 mile only) – Toilets only.

Top of first climb of B836 after 89 & 109 mile route merge – gels, bananas, water, coca-cola & powdered drinks. (also hopefully and urn for tea and coffee)

Mechanics & Medics will be on the course. We will give you their contact details at registration.

Most importantly, make sure you get a good night’s sleep both Thursday and Friday.

Awrabest Alan


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