Dunoon Full Moon Cycle Timings & photos

Hi all. Hope you have all caught up on your sleep. I am having a bit of an issue with the timing data on the webscorer iPad app. It has only noted “lap” times and not finish times. Some people have “1 lap” others up to “6 laps”. I am unsure why, but working on trying to sort it out and re crunch the raw data. In the mean time check out the wonder that is the Strava Fly By. MASSIVE RESPECT to Jamie Wilson who cycled all the way back to Clarkston. dunoonstravaflyby 2015-07-03 22.14.51 helensburgh3 helensburgh helensburgh2 2015-07-04 23.47.07 2015-07-05 01.18.50 2015-07-05 01.43.37 2015-07-05 01.41.23 2015-07-05 03.28.45 2015-07-05 05.04.16 2015-07-05 05.06.23 2015-07-05 05.07.04 2015-07-05 07.05.53 taylorblair



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